BOHS Endorsed!

BOHS have endorsed Dust2Noise’s Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) Awareness course. The BOHS assessors’ feedback included “The information is delivered with great clarity and succinctness, covering all the salient points without any waffle or spurious material… I was particularly pleased to see a good coverage of common failings and a good number of “rules of Thumb” type information…The presenter clearly has a detailed technical knowledge base and experience in this area…”

LEV systems don’t just need to work on the day they are installed, they need to continue to work, day after day, for years – otherwise they will not prevent workers inhaling airborne hazardous substances. This essential health protection goal is unlikely to occur unless you can engage all the stakeholders within your organisation that this is a worthwhile objective to achieve.

This course will raise awareness across a wide variety of staff with different roles within an organisation to achieve this important task together. From maintenance staff, to managers, to health & safety reps, to operators all will be able to see the moral, legal and financial benefits of designing, installing, maintaining and performance checking LEV systems correctly.

More information regarding the course can be found on our LEV Awareness Training Page.