Occupational Exposure Monitoring Training course

This one-day training course is suitable for safety personnel, who want to measure workers’ exposure to chemical agents, but don’t want to become occupational hygienists.

Learn how to measure workers exposure to dusts (e.g. wood dust), respirable dust (e.g crystalline silica), gases (e.g. carbon monoxide), vapours (e.g. toluene, MEK) and fume (e.g soldering fume as pictured). Utilising equipment which samples in the breathing zone.

Discover how to calculate exposures from the mass of the contaminant reported in the laboratory results and the air volume drawn through the sample collection media. Then, move on to time-weighting the exposures so they can be compared with the legal limits (Workplace Exposure Limits or WELs) provided in EH40.

In addition to the science of sampling, learn how to make observations of working practices and existing control measures to form a complete assessment of exposure.  Finally, how to represent this exposure information in a written report, which under the COSHH Regulations all exposure reports have to be kept for at least 40 years.

Dust2noise’s occupational exposure monitoring course is delivered by a Chartered Occupational Hygienist who has had 20 years of experience monitoring airborne hazardous substances.

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