Some airborne dust is too small to see.

Dust of this invisible size can be airborne in the workplace for hours, even after the generating process has stopped.

Dust of this size can bypass the body’s defences and travel all the way down into the deep lung.

This is where the harm can occur.

Watch the dust awareness video.

There are many different types of dust and each type can offer a different risk of harm to health.

Some dust you can see, but it can still cause harm if inhaled.

Dust2noise can assess workers exposure to airborne hazardous substances and if elevated advise on how to reduce exposure. Contact us below if you need an exposure survey or site health risks inspection.

In addition to dust, there can be many other airborne hazardous substances generated in the workplace, such as, fumes, vapours, gases and mists which can also harm. Some of these contaminants can cause immediate acute effects, but many require prolonged exposure, day after day, over many years to facilitate their detrimental health outcomes.

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