LEV Awareness Training Course

So why should an organisation invest in Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) Awareness Training?

A LEV system is for life, not just for Christmas. It doesn’t matter how well it is working on the day it is installed, it will only protect the health of workers if it continues to work well and is utilised appropriately until the roller doors close for the last time.

This is difficult to achieve for any one person within an organisation, it generally requires a team effort from maintenance staff, to managers and supervisors, to health & safety reps to operators, to attain this ongoing success.

This course enables all stakeholders to recognise the legal, financial and health benefits of designing, installing, using, maintaining and checking LEV systems correctly, so that everyone goes home healthy – not just today in 2020, but in years to come…

The course covers:

  • Airborne hazardous substances & routes of exposure
  • Health Risks of airborne contaminants
  • Legislative Requirements – COSHH
  • Typical problems with LEVs (i.e. why they don’t work)
  • Airborne contaminants and their behaviour
  • Processes and Sources (primary and secondary)
  • Elements of a LEV System
  • Hoods – Capture, Receptor and Enclosure
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the different hood types
  • Ducting – design principles and transport velocity
  • Air cleaners and filters
  • Fans and discharge arrangements
  • Thorough Examination and Test (TEXT) of LEVs
  • Maintenance and checking of LEVs
  • Commissioning and installation

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