Fit2fit Approved RPE Fit Testing Training Course

Qualitative (taste test) method

The qualitative method is based the wearer’s ability to taste a bitter or sweet test agent which is in the form of a mist sprayed into a hood around a wearer’s head. Mists are easily by the stopped by particulate filters.

Therefore, if a wearer can taste the test agent during any one of 7 one-minute exercises, then air must of passed between the face to facepiece seal rather than through the filter.

Source: 3M

Qualitative face-fit testing can be used to test half-masks and filtering facepieces (FFP1, FFP2 & FFP3) also known as dust or disposable masks.


Qualitative face-fit testing can not be used to test full-face masks.


Qualitative fit testing kits can be purchased for around £150, excluding VAT, making them an affordable option to most companies.

Dust2noise’s, one-day, qualitative RPE fit testing course is Fit2fit Approved and delivered by a Fit2fit Accredited Face Fit Provider and Chartered Occupational Hygienist.

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