RPE Fit Testing Training Course

Quantitative Controlled Negative Pressure (CNP) Method (Quantifit)

CNP is a method that has been established in the US for many years, but is relatively new to the UK. It works by creating and maintaining a negative pressure in the wearer’s mask and then measuring the leakage of air into the mask during an 8 second test period. This method can be used to fit test half-masks and full-face masks.

Under the HSE protocol (INDG 479) there are different challenge pressures for half-masks and full-face masks. An equivalent fit factor can be produced, so the result can be compared to HSE’s stipulated minimum fit factors.

Dust2noise’s, one-day, CNP RPE fit testing course is delivered by a Fit2fit Accredited CNP Face Fit Provider and Chartered Occupational Hygienist.

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